Friday, 2 May 2008

A Spirit-Inspired Poem

So, when I was in the Czech Republic, we had a "creative worship" time, where we were encouraged to write or draw in an act of worship... Here is the poem that God gave me:

Through It All You Are There
A Poem by Lindsey Diacogiannis
8.April.08 (in the Czech Republic)

When my heart is heavy,
And tears fill my eyes,
when the world around me is crumbling,
And I hear the people's cry,

You are ever near me,
Your kindness draws me in,
I feel your hand on my shoulder,
I fall to my knees and let my worship begin,

When the people around me are dying,
The lies of the Enemy thick,
When life begins to look hopeless,
And I hear life's clock tick,

You are the one who strengthens me,
You provide shelter from the storm,
In your hands I feel protected,
In your arms I feel warm,

My heart cries for the hurting,
For those whose lives are lost,
Their minds are filled with confusion,
They don't know You paid the cost,

You bring healing to a world of pain,
Through your wounds you bought my life,
You cleansed me from all shame,
Brought forgiveness where their was strife,

When I get discouraged,
Or sometimes I feel afraid,
When doubt fills my head,
I feel my steps aren't made,

You lift me up out of darkness,
You cast out all of the lies,
You give me confidence and guidance,
You wipe the tears from my eyes,

I long to be free in worship,
To sing and dance for You,
I know your hand is leading me,
I know you'll see me through,

You hold my life in your hands,
You've outlined the steps of my feet,
I'm beginning to fully trust You,
As my needs you begin to meet,

When the world is lost and in pain,
When the people feel undeserving,
When the lies of the devil deceive them,
When they feel unworthy,

You show me how to love them,
How to see them as You do,
To show them love and kindness,
Because You died for them too,

I hope to be used for your glory,
To see your promise fulfilled,
I hope to reflect your beauty,
It's your kingdom I long to build,

You are worthy of all honor,
Glory is due your name,
For all that You have done in love,
The world should give you fame,

I praise You for your goodness,
For words of revelation,
I feel your presence with me,
I am now filled with your passion,

You are the Lord of all,
You breathed life into the earth,
You made creation from nothing,
And have given man worth

You are the Great Redeemer,
Your blood has washed us free,
I praise you for your goodness,
For the grace You've shown to me