Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Adventure is on it's Way....

As you know, I have been planning on heading to Lakeside, Montana for the YWAM School Of Worship (SOW) for a couple months now. God has continued to confirm this to me, and I am so excited that it's only 10 weeks away! I have been selling my CDs and working two jobs, and have been so blessed by the generosity of those you have already given towards this trip. But, I still neeed $1000 dollars before April 1st for the lecture phase, and another $3500 for the outreach.

The last couple weeks have brought on some very unexpected financial challenges. On January 3rd, my parents asked me to start looking for a new place to live for the remainder of my time before heading to Montana, and two days later I was in a car accident. Talk about feeling a lot of financial pressure! I do not have collision insurance, so have to pay for the damage done to my car (totally about $350.00).

But I do want to share with you one of the many ways that God has provided for me in all of this. Last Thursday (Jan 12) I was working at the Christian bookstore (where I am also selling my CD) and a woman came in whom I had sung in choir with at my church last year. We began talking as I was ringing up the items she was purchasing and I mentioned that I was selling my CD for a suggested donation of $10. She was so impressed by what I had done, and where God is taking me that she gave me $20 for the CD. On Saturday, I was at a youth retreat with my church, and received a call from my boss at the bookstore. He was delighted to tell me how this woman had come in again, thrilled about my CD after listening to it, and she decided to by 4 more!!! She was generous beyond belief, paying $20 for each CD. I was astonished!!! God surely knows my needs and is SO faithful to be providing for them!

I hope you will prayerfully consider financially supporting me in this adventure! Please let your friends know about my music too: -
you could be apart of God's destiny to bring healing and freedom through the gift of worship He's given me!

Thanks for your prayers, love, and support in my life so far!

Following Him,

Lindsey Diacogiannis