Thursday, 24 April 2008

More Mission Pictures

Germany!!! (Overlooking Herrnhut)

Gabriella has a friend...

Elliot had so much fun with the kids!

Love speaks beyond language...

Nate and Dion carrying boys on their shoulders

Beat Boxing buddies...

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Loving Like Jesus Did

OK... another story from Cheb:

One of the main "tourist attractions" in Cheb (and one of the main reasons outsiders visit Cheb) is its prostitution. The amount of brothels and prostitutes is heart breaking. On our last night there, Nate, Amber, Dave, Brett, our interpreter Ira, and I had the opportunity to "buy a prostitute". We payed her night's wages and took her out for coffee and snacks. It was interesting because the previous nights I had talked to other prostitutes and they looked dead inside, it was quite apparent that they had not been treated well, but Vera was different. She still had a small glimpse of life in her eyes. When we took her out, she ask us (through interpretation) how long we had been Christians and what the difference was in how we were and how she was - she said that she "believed in God" but saw something different in us. As we sat there and talked to her, she told us that she did not have a pimp, but had been in prostitution for the last 10 years to support her and her boyfriend's drug habit.
It was such a blessing to see her face light up as we showed her genuine love! I treasured our time with her, and hope that she will be forever changed because of it!

Pictures from the Mission Field

The "Castle" at YWAM Herrnhut and its reflection in the pond

One of the Beautiful gypsy girls in the ghetto

The Ghetto homes

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Germany and the Czech Republic

Ok.... So I have a few minutes and wanted to share some of the stuff we did on outreach in Cheb, Czech. One of the awesome expriences we had was being able to work in the ghetto with the Gypsy (Roma) people and children. Some of our leaders from the YWAM Herrnhut base had been there before and took us there to hang out and play with the children. Gabriella, our main leader, told us to just play with the kids and get to know them. The language barrior was not that hard to deal with because the language of love speaks beyond culture, language, and dialect. The kids just needed love. They were hurting inside and just needed someone to hold them, to show them worth. One of the spiritual strongholds in Cheb is worthlessness and apathy. The people there do not care for each other, and the Gypsies especially are not treated well by any means. So, we got to hang out and play with the kids in their dirty, sad envirnment and show them that someone really does care. We took our guitars and djembe and played music with them! They loved it; they are really good at beat boxing too, so we got to do that with them. The last day that we were in the ghetto we gathered around as a group and prayed over it before we left. And when we did leave, some of us girls (Amber, Sarah, and I) had one or more of the gypsy girls hanging onto us, not wanting us to leave.
Eric went out later that afternoon to get something at the store and the girls were outside the store waiting. They followed him back to where we were staying and peered through the windows looking for us. Amber and I went outside to the front steps and took the girls in our arms. They sang us songs and hugged us!! They asked with pleading in their eyes if we were coming back the next day (by that time we had learned a few words and could make out what they were saying). They cried again when we told them they needed to go and that we had to go back inside. The connection we made with them will forever be in my heart! I hope to go back one day and see them again.

(I will post pictures of our time in the ghetto later... I am at school right now, and don't have my computer.)

So.... That is one of the stories! I loved my time there and really do hope to go back.

Hoping for His Best in my Life,
Lindsey <><

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Germany and Jet lag...

Hey all....
I know it has been a while since I posted, but I have been away in Germany and the Czech Republic for the last week and a half.... I am suffering a bit from jet lag, so the stories will have to wait. But, I am doing well, had a great time, and came home changed!

In the Name of Jesus,

Lindsey <><

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Family Picture

Last Saturday, we had the three new children dedicated at church and all of us wore the outfits Mom and Dad brought home for us from Ghana!!! Unfortunately Gregg is still in Iraq and was (obviously) unable to be there, but he is coming home in couple months! Yea, we are so excited!

(back row: Cassie, Dad, Mom, Elijah, Jeremiah; middle row: Carissa, Jacob, Joshua (with glasses); front row: Rachel, Josiah, Hosanna, Benjamin, Sarah, Me)

A New Adventure

So, I am so excited because in two hours (10:00pm PST) I will be heading out for Seattle to catch a plane to Germany!!! (Well, that plane will go to JFK in New York, but then the next flight will take us to Berlin). I am so thrilled to be going with about 25 others for ten days to love on, minister to, and share God with many people including the hurting prostitutes in the Czech Republic, street kids and gypsies.
This opportunity came to me rather quick, but I really believe God is going to do great things through and with our team!!!

So... I will return on the 13th with (I'm sure) lots of stories to share!

In the mean time, Keep it real and


Linds <><