Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Cheb Mini Outreach

YWAM Mini Outreach - Cheb, Czech Republic
November 17-21, 2008

the castle

walking in the city

playing in the Ghetto
I met these girls in April! They are so precious!

Romana and Caca

Falling in Love

Wow, I am beginning to really understand what it means to grow to love someone. I have been getting to know the most wonderful man! He is incredible; I love him so much. Jesus is the most wonderful person I could ever know, and I am thrilled to be spending eternity with Him. Oh wow, I just can't fully describe how brilliant he is. Each day I experience him in a fresh way. He is such an incredible friend; he never changes, is never fickle, and his love is steadfast. It is such a joy to know him, even in the minute way that I do. His greatness is far beyond human intellect, his grace knows no bounds, and his beauty is astounding. I feel like a little girl who is giddy when she's around the boy she has a "crush" on. I can't help but smile when I feel his presence around me. The intimacy we share is unbreakable, and better than any human experience I have had or will or could have.

Thanks for your love, mercy, beauty, passion.... You are the One! You are SO Wonderful, SO Incredible, SO Beautiful, SO Passionate, and SO Gracious!

I am forever captivated by You! Ich liebe dich, Jesus!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

"What Keeps Me from You"

"What Keeps Me from You"
a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannnis
24, October 2008

Is it pain from my past,
Or the hurt in my present,
Is it the fear of the future,
what keeps me from you.

Would I know if you touched me,
Or has my heart become hard,
Would I accept if you helped me,
Or is my independence robbing me of you,

Are you trying to reach me,
Have my ears turned away,
Can I feel that you long to love me,
Or has my heart been stolen away,

What keeps me from letting go,
What prevents me from feeling your touch,
Am I living in bondage,
Am I holding a grudge,

Jesus I want more of you,
Heal my broken heart,
Take away my pride,
Wipe away my shame,

Cleanse me from my sin,
Let me enter in,
I desire your presence,
Please give me rest,

I'm crawling back to you,
Leaving the pain of my past,
I'm returning to your fold,
Letting go of fear of the future,

Come pick me up,
Carry me away,
Breathe your life,
Let me stay


a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannis
23, October 2008

A beating heart pounds,
Like the rain on a tin roof,
A sad tear falls,
Like the sun at day's end,
A loud cry is heard,
Like the sound of thunder,
Emotion evoked,
Like the changing of seasons,

The body reacts,
Like trees to the weather,
A temperament shift,
Like a cloud coming over,
A cold shiver breaks,
Like the dead of winter,

A man, lost and lonely,
Like a bear without sleep,
Moans in the darkness,
Like the howl of wind,
Darkness drawing closer,
Like the absence of stars,
A bead of sweat seeps,
Like dew on the grass,

The bones ache,
Like an old bent tree,
The spirit restless,
Like the herding of sheep,

Finally peace comes,
Like the dawn of new day,
The body awakened,
Like the flower in bloom,
The eyes are dried,
Like tall wheat stalks,

A heart beat softened,
Like the wool of a lamb,
A thirst has been quenched,
Like an oasis in sand,
A face filled with gladness,
Like the sun's bright beams,

A man overtaken,
Like a soft breeze blown,
The changes that come,
When healing is done.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannis
17, October 2008

Before there was time,
I had called you mine,
I had called you by name,
And I died to take your shame,

Before your parents knew of you,
I knew your eyes would be blue,
Your hair would be curly and dark,
Your beauty a sign of my mark,

Before the foundations of the earth,
I had already destined your worth,
I had planted my gifts within you,
Even before you were tissue,

Before you were inside your mother,
I already called you daughter,
Your future was in the making,
You were destined to do great things,

Before there was time,
You were mine.