Thursday, 17 July 2008


So I have been planning on traveling back to Germany since I was there in April, but today I finally received an email confirming my acceptance to Youth With A Mission (YWAM)'s 6-month Discipleship Training School starting October 2nd. I am so excited to see where God takes me and how He uses me to reach the nations for His Kingdom!

Thanks to all of you who have been such an encouragement in my life!

If you would like to support me in any way or would enjoy hearing about my adventure via email updates please email me at

In Pursuit of Him,

Lindsey <><

Friday, 11 July 2008

A Key and A Flower

So, last night was such an incredible time with God and friends. Every Wednesday a friend of mine has a bunch of people over to his house for "family night"- a time of food, fellowship, worship, and prayer. After shooting a potato gun, playing 'flyer's up', and eating pizza, we headed into the family room for a time of worship through music. After a few songs, another friend, Katie, offered to pray for anyone that needed prayer and it turned into a 2 hour prayer time for brothers and sisters. After praying over two of my brothers, and seeing my good friend Matt receive revelation and a touch from the Holy Spirit, I asked for prayer.
I have been experiencing some spiritual attack over the last three months, and have not allowed God into some areas of my life. I expressed a desire for freedom from spiritual attack, and also peace in walking out what I know God has called me to do and silence from the enemy.

The prayer that I received was seriously life-changing! God poured out his heart through the words that he gave my brothers and sisters, especially Katie. I just want to share some of what she prayed over me (from her perspective):

"Lindsey, God has called you to a higher level of purity. He wants you to be free from guilt and shame because He has made you pure! You are forgiven and everything in your past is wiped away! You don't have to worry about any of it. You are free. I just see you as a beautiful flower that God is blooming!
I just pray a silence over the things and people that are getting in the way of God's dream for you. He is going to bring you into this next step in your life and the fulfillment of your dreams. You are going to be a powerful instrument for Him. I see a picture of you holding keys and God is going to use you so powerfully to unlock the hearts of many people! he is going to use you as a traveler; your words will be used powerfully in many nations to change the hearts of leaders. God has gifted you with prophesy and I silence the lie that you are not good enough for it. Lindsey, God has given you that gift and you will prophesy! God is going to use you in a mighty way in the revival that is coming to America! Oh wow! You are like a Lion that has been chained for a while by the traps of Satan, but God is stripping away those chains and is letting loose the mighty lion! You are going to be in difficult situations, but God is going to use you in them, and many will be touched by you. Lord, I just bless her hands and her speech, use the Father!
I also just sense a spirit of loneliness. You have been lonely, huh? Well, God wants to break that away, and I proclaim freedom from that bond. You are not lonely, and you don't need a guy, or even more friends; God wants to romance you once again. A new chapter is coming in your life and your dreams are going to begin to become a reality. Give them back to God so He can bless them, and then pursue them with all that you are! Go after whatever God has called you to and don't let the lies of the enemy stop you from having God's best in your life! He wants to bring you into further purity and intimacy with Him. Step out! Walk upright and ready because God is going to use you in incredible ways!"

Tears streamed down my face soon after she began to speak over me! The power of the Holy Spirit came upon her and anointed her with words! The impact of those words penetrated to the core of my being! Wow... I can't describe the incredible feeling of freedom I have, and the physical weight that I feel has been lifted from me! It is truly astounding! Praise You Jesus! Mikal, whose house we were at, also prayed over me, confirming that the things that had been spoken over me were very powerful and that I would need to remember them in the future.He then sealed them up by anointing my head with oil!

Thanks you Papa, for what you have done in my life! Thank you for the freedom that you bring, even when it feels like you aren't there. You have brought so much life back to me! Your love for me is truly unconditional and I praise you for your faithfulness to me! I want to pursue Your path for my life, and go after that which you have called me to with all that I am! I am no longer my own, but I give myself back to you! I want Your #1 Best for my life, and want to stop settling for less than that! Bring confirmation to the words that have been spoken over me and reveal the pieces of your plan to me in time, that I might walk out what you desire.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

A Weekend with Friends

This past weekend, while my parents were out of town on a cruise that us kids sent them on, we had some dearly loved friends up to visit. Though I no longer live at home with my family I was able to spend some time there catching up with awesome gals!

Jami and Vicky used to babysit me when I was little and also went camping with my family a few times! They are awesome gals and it was so fun to get to see them!

Cassie (big sis) and dear friend Heidi came up from Oregon to visit too! It was fun to get to hang out with them!

My oldest brother Gregg is also home now too, after spending the last four years serving in the United States Army! Welcome home bro!

We had a ton of fun playing at the park, and playing Uno!!! What a hoot! :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Choices... To do or not to do....

Today I made a lot of choices. I chose to get up and instead of stinking for the rest of the day, i took a shower. I made the choice to ride the city bus to my parents house to hang out with friends and family instead of into the Big City to hang out with a different friend. These choices are easy in comparison to some of the ones I made this evening. Decisions that can change your future are sometimes - and usually - hard to make.

Tonight I made the choice to stand up for myself. I made the choice to stop shrinking back in fear, and asked questions. I decided not to by walked all over. The choice was made to no longer take guff for what others say about me. I am tired of the assumptions tossed so loosely about me, and I made the choice to question those assumptions.

I also made the choice to stand up for myself in another way. I decided to no longer be foolish in a relationship. After foolishly choosing to enter this relationship, I made the choice to not take it any longer; to put in my two sense about what I actually think, and how I feel about the situation. I made the choice to make my voice heard, even if the other person didn't fully understand or agree with me. The future matters to me, and I chose to tell the other person that, even if my soul's desires conflicted with my convictions. I made the choice to follow my heart, which is led by the Spirit.

It's not always easy to make choices. A lot of times it's challenging and requires extra strength. I prayed for that strength tonight and when it came I put it in action. God helped me to overcome things be using the strength He equipped me with. He also placed important people in my life to challenge me and question my actions and desires. Sometimes it's hard for me to listen to other people and take their advice. It can also be difficult to listen to some people, but easy to listen to others. God is teaching me how to make the right balance and make His voice the loudest one in my heart.

I made the choice to stay up until 1:15AM and share my thought about the day. And now I am making the choice to rest, to lay back in the darkness, pull the covers to my shoulders, and rest. God has plans for me tomorrow and I want to choose His best!