Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blessings of the Beloved

The last few weeks have been filled with wonderful surprises! I am blessed beyond belief! There have been things that could have made upset with God, that could have made me pull away from Him, but there have also been incredible blessings! I have decided to give to God what is already His – because He bore it all on the cross for me. Who am I do carry burdens when they have already been graciously lifted from me? He has turned my mourning into dancing, and has restored to me the joy of His salvation, giving me a spirit that is willing to obey him (Ps. 51:11).
I have been first of all blessed with a wonderful job at Family Christian Stores, and am really enjoying working there. It is a great atmosphere where I can put to use the 20+ years of biblical/Christian influence, in addition to the experience and knowledge I have as one of 13 children. I am so blessed! I also found out a few days ago that I have officially been offered the seasonal “front end assistant” position at Costco, and I have orientation this week! I am thrilled to be working there as well. Not only do they pay very well, but my wonderful boyfriend, Tyler, also works there. ☺
Though this month has been a continuation of the refining that God has been doing in my life since the beginning of summer, it has been an incredible month – full of ups and downs, decision and choices, joy and tears. But there is One who remains through it all, and He is worthy of all that I am. His mercies are NEW every single morning, and His greatness is displayed in all of creation.
Yesterday I woke up with a very sore arm, and throughout the entire day there was pain surging from my shoulder blade down into my hand. I took ibuprofen, but it only masked the pain temporarily. Tyler has the gift of healing and I asked him to pray for me, so he did - actually several times throughout the day, but the pain persistent into the night. While we were talking on the phone before going to bed, he told me he had a really bad headache and asked me to pray for it. When I finished the prayer, it occurred to me that my arm wasn't hurting anymore, and I told Tyler this. He said, "I know." I asked him how he could possibly know that my arm wasn't hurting anymore, and he said that while I had been praying for his headache to go away, God reassured him of the gift of healing that he was given, and He told Tyler that my arm was healed! It was incredible! Not too long after that, Tyler's headache went away too.
Oh how I love my Jesus, and how His love for me is so evident in my life. I truly am my Beloved’s and He is mine!