Thursday, 17 April 2008

Loving Like Jesus Did

OK... another story from Cheb:

One of the main "tourist attractions" in Cheb (and one of the main reasons outsiders visit Cheb) is its prostitution. The amount of brothels and prostitutes is heart breaking. On our last night there, Nate, Amber, Dave, Brett, our interpreter Ira, and I had the opportunity to "buy a prostitute". We payed her night's wages and took her out for coffee and snacks. It was interesting because the previous nights I had talked to other prostitutes and they looked dead inside, it was quite apparent that they had not been treated well, but Vera was different. She still had a small glimpse of life in her eyes. When we took her out, she ask us (through interpretation) how long we had been Christians and what the difference was in how we were and how she was - she said that she "believed in God" but saw something different in us. As we sat there and talked to her, she told us that she did not have a pimp, but had been in prostitution for the last 10 years to support her and her boyfriend's drug habit.
It was such a blessing to see her face light up as we showed her genuine love! I treasured our time with her, and hope that she will be forever changed because of it!

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Carissa said...

hey Linds...
glad to hear that you had a great time in Germany and Czech!

keep seeking God´s voice, He longs to speak to you.
one thing i have learned here is that when we pray to hear from God, we need to shut up our own voice, it´s very easy for things to get confusing when you have a desire that is not bad, but may not be what God wants. we also shut up the voice of the enemy, he likes to work in very sneaky ways to confuse his voice with that of God. we bind any of his works in the name of Jesus. then we are able to hear God´s voice clearly.

love you and i´m praying for you tons.

miss not having you here to talk softly with every night before we fall asleep. love you, Caris