Saturday, 1 August 2009


So, I wrote this poem back in October, and as I was looking back through my blog, I was so encouraged by the promises that were brought to me through these God-inspired words. I hope you, too, are encouraged and know that these promises are for you too! I'm holding on to His promises...

a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannis
17, October 2008

Before there was time,
I had called you mine,
I had called you by name,
And I died to take your shame,

Before your parents knew of you,
I knew your eyes would be blue,
Your hair would be curly and dark,
Your beauty a sign of my mark,

Before the foundations of the earth,
I had already destined your worth,
I had planted my gifts within you,
Even before you were tissue,

Before you were inside your mother,
I already called you daughter,
Your future was in the making,
You were destined to do great things,

Before there was time,
You were mine.

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