Thursday, 10 September 2009

song of the week

The other day, I was sitting down to play guitar, and I began strumming a 'G' chord, and then moving to 'C', and back and forth between these two chords. There are lots of songs that have these chords in them, but I didn't really have a song in mind when I began strumming.
Suddenly, the words of a song I didn't know I knew how to play came spilling from my lips, the meaning so direct in relation to my life in the last week. I sang,

You're calling me to lay aside,

The worries of my day,
To quiet down my busy mind,
And find a hiding place

You are Worthy

Of a Childlike faith,
And of my honest praise,
And of my unashamed love,
Of a holy life,
And of my sacrifice,
And of my unashamed love

You are Worthy

As I sang the words of this song, I began realizing the meaning. In the busyness of life, God was calling me lay it all aside, to find a quiet place for fellowship with Him. Why? Because He is worthy. He is worthy of my childlike faith. He is worthy of my honest praise. He is worthy of a holy life. He is worthy of my sacrifice. He is worthy of my unashamed love. He is worthy.

I sat, strumming these chords and singing the word of this song, allowing the Holy Spirit to come and meet with me in the quiet place, in the stillness of mind that I had chosen despite the activities in my life. It's a humbling experience to have the Holy Spirit put the words in your mouth to a song, and then bring understanding to mind. This has been the prayer of my week - that I would continually quiet my spirit and wait in the Lord's presence. Why?

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Betsy said...

Oh my gosh, that was beautiful!
God bless YOU!