Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oh, How He Loves Me!

I really don't have a clue what I'm going to write about... but I'm feeling oddly inspired.

Life is interesting. I love how one day things can seem totally planned and calm, and then the next day plans are scattered and what was calm is turned to chaos. This shift keeps me reliant on Christ... and that, I love. So often I think I have things under control, and life is going as planned, but when what I thought was "right" is suddenly "wrong", I'm humbled once again. My heart points back home - towards the love of my life, my Savior, Jesus. Lately I've found myself in a time of transition. The thing is I have very little idea what I am transitioning into. And the even better thing is, I don't care that I don't know. I am so at peace in His arms. I don't have to know what's going on or where I'm going, because He is all-knowing. Proverbs 16:9 says, "In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." This is so comforting and reassuring to me, because as much as I would like to plan out my life, I can rest in the fact that God has already numbered my days, and laid out the steps of my life. I just have to continue to surrender my will to His, and follow Jesus. As I get to know Him more, I get to know His plans more. Joy fills my heart, because it's not up to me! Jesus is the giver of life, and if we allow Him, the director too! :)

At the end of June, I will be moving out of the place I've called home for the past 8 months. October 6th, 2009 I moved into Bellingham to be a live-in nanny, and have been so blessed to live where I'm living. But there have also been so many struggles and challenges in living with a family that isn't pursuing Jesus. Though I haven't experienced direct opposition or persecution from my host family, there has definitely been direct opposition in the spiritual realm. (Ephesians 6:12 describes the spiritual battle that each follower of Jesus faces). I have been grateful to be an influence in the live of all 4 people that I live with (the 2 boys, and their parents). I know that God has used me (an intercessor) to change the atmosphere of that home, and I can see the changes (though subtle, I know there has been change). Allow though I will be moving out soon, I hope to continue to be apart of their lives, and watch the ways the Lord calls them into fellowship with Him.

What's next? I'm not exactly sure. I have been meeting with a family about possibly becoming there nanny, and will hopefully set things in stone tonight! :) If I do end up working for them, I will be living in a separate apartment on their property (which will be a huge blessing! One of the hardest things with living where I'm at has been not being able to get away and have my ow n space.)

Other changes are coming in my life... not totally sure what they will look like, but they are beginning to take form. I'm so excited for the way God is growing my ability to write and compose music. I'm hoping to record sometime in the near future. It's been so fun to be able to play at "open mic night" at a local coffee shop - they have asked me to be the "featured artist" soon! :) I know God is leading me more into the realm, and it makes my heart giddy.
God has also been bringing AMAZING people into my life to walk this journey with me, and sharpen me, as iron sharpens iron (Proverbs 27:17). I am so blessed to have another mentor, and additional spiritual parents in my life, as well as brothers and sisters who are experiencing life with Jesus in similar ways to me. I'm so blessed. Oh how Jesus loves me. It gets me everyday. I can't believe it. He's so stinking good to me. I'm blown away by His goodness, faithfulness, and love. mmmmm so so good. :) :)

My involvement in youth ministry is going to shift also, but I can't give details of that right now... It's so exciting though! God's got amazing things planned to bring more students into The Kingdom. I've been blessed to be apart of an incredible team of leaders for the last 7 months, and look forward to how God is going to use us this next year.

"He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy, ...... Oh how He loves me, Oh! Oh how He loves me, How He loves me, oh!"


Ann Dunagan said...

Thanks for inviting me over here, via your email letter today. May the Lord continue to guide and direct you as you GO!!!

All's well here. Patrick's in the USMC. Christi's just graduated from college & is now ministering in Cambodia. Josh heads home tomorrow (with a special young lady to get to know our family). Daniel is just graduating from high school and heading to ORU. Younger ones are all well. Jon & I celebrate our 25th anniversary in July.

Bless you!!!
Ann & all

Kymberly said...

Yay for exciting times that are changing.
I heard someone say yesterday that this is a year of purification. Oh how it is! So that we may draw closer to our beloved!

Love you