Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Adventure Continues

So... obviously it's been more than a couple weeks since I last updated, but I have a moment and so, will share a bit of where I'm heading these days. :)

I've been home (in Washington) for about a month now, and it has been such an interesting time. God has continued to prove Himself faithful in so many ways. Pretty soon upon being home, I was faced with several challenges - both personally and in my family. It has been quite the adventure. And speaking of adventure, I went down to Oregon last week for my older sister's wedding, and ended up staying 4 extra days, resting in the Lord and processing all that He has been doing in my heart. Each day I just asked the Lord what He had for me, and He led me through healing, prayer, and intercession, as well as opportunities to talk with others and share the stories of what God has been doing in and through me. It was a much needed time of relaxing and rest. From Bend, I spent two days on the Washington peninsula with my amazing friends/mentors Marc and Lydia, and two gals Rhiannon and Sharon. In all that I had been processing in Oregon, I knew God was taking me into a time of rebuilding the walls of truth in my life, and repairing that which has been damaged, compromised, and even destroyed. My time in Denver for the School of Worship was a much needed time, in which God took me to deeper levels of intimacy in our relationship. In coming home, I had to walk through difficult situations, in the necessary process of becoming whole. At any rate, I felt God was leading me to a new place of residence, even before I head back to Denver. This was confirmed to me Friday morning when I received a text from my dad informing me that I needed to find a new place to live, and couldn't live at home anymore. I returned home today, and plan to pack up the rest of my things in the next couple days and head to Olympia to live with Rhiannon there. I am praying for God's grace and favor over my finances so that I can head back to Denver for the School of Social Justice starting the end of September. This three-month program will give me a greater understanding of area of injustice in society across the world. We will explore topics such as human trafficking & the sex industry, injustice as it’s related to refugees & immigration, urban injustice & poverty, injustice towards those with HIV/AIDS, and others. We will be equipped with information and tools in how to establish God’s justice in these areas, and what ministries and organizations are already working to accomplish this. All throughout SOW, God told me that He has already prepared the provision for what He is taking me into. And maybe you are apart of what He has been preparing. Through this school I hope to gain a clearer vision and direction for what area of injustice He would have be bring His Kingdom, and how I can incorporate music into this. It is my hope that you will see and believe in the calling God has on my life, and tithe toward that in helping me raise the funds necessary for the SSJ.
During the SOW, we had the amazing privilege of being able to record and produce a CD of songs that the 11 of us students wrote during the school. I am selling this CD for a suggested donation of $10. It is a very well done, 11-track CD produced by Launchpad Records. There are also other ways you can support me in this next season - monthly support, one-time gift, having me come speak at your church/small/youth group, commissioning me to play music at an event, etc.

Well... it's a bit messy, but it's a brief update of life for me! :)

Walking with Jesus,

For donations you can send checks to:
Lindsey Diacogiannis
1509 Liberty Street
Lynden, WA 98264

I'm working on getting online donating working, and will update soon. :) Thanks

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