Thursday, 27 October 2011

"Africa Mama..."

So... God totally lined it up for me to sell my car this weekend, and I got a check today for $3000.00 (more than I asked for in selling it). My dear friend Anya from SOW (YWAM School of Worship that I completed here in June), randomly came to the base (she isn't involved with YWAM presently) and I got a chance to talk to her briefly. In those few moments, she explained a slightly complicated situation in which she is needing a car by November first. This was Saturday night, and I told her how I had been thinking of selling me car, especially since I needed $3000 by Tuesday (yesterday) in order to go to Liberia for outreach. Long story short, she told me she was interested... I prayed with some friends for peace and confirmation (that this is how God wanted to provide for me), and then it ended up for Anya to get a loan through her bank and had it processed today!! I'm so thrilled to be apart of this amazing team! There is one leader, Jessa, who is also my SSJ assistant director, and 4 other students (so six total including me). Candace, Drea, and I are apart of SSJ, and Tori and Bob are in Phase II (SOMD - School of Ministry Development). This outreach is specifically for secondary students, so no DTS students are coming with us. And although there was originally about 20 people interested in going, God led the others in a different direction, and now it's just 6 of us.

I still need the rest of the funds for outreach, so please continue to pray for me, but I rejoice in God's provision of the rest of my tuition for lecture phase & the first portion of outreach. If you'd like to donate you can do so online:

On another note, please be in prayer for one of our school leaders, Cary. He is one of the first people to create and pioneer SSJ, and last week was diagnosed with having a cancerous tumor on his brain stem that is inoperable due to the sensitivity of the stem. He is being released from the hospital this evening, but will be starting chemo therapy and radiation in the next few days ahead. Please pray for complete healing of his body, opportunities for influence in hospital staffs' lives, and that his moral would continue to be optimistic (he has been so great emotionally through this, making jokes, laughing, etc).

In Christ's Joy,


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