Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This bird flew south...

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! But I'll try to quickly update you on waht's been happening in the life of this Songbird!

January-February 2012: LIBERIA!!! I spent two months in Liberia (not Siberia, not Lybia), West Africa! I worked with a Women and Children Development Sectretariat (WOCDES, a local NGO in Zwedru, Liberia and started a preschool for them! I met my man! During my time in Liberia, I worked with a young man from New Zealand, and upon leaving Africa we decided to start our journey together! I am so thankful to have Sam in my life!

Febuary-April 2012: America, Canada, Australia!! When I left Liberia, I headed back to Denver, CO to finish up the School of Social Justice at YWAM Denver... was there for about 10 days, then flew to Vancouver, BC Canada to meet up with Sam, who was staying at his friend's place there since he couldn't get a visa into the States. :( We spent about a month and a half in Vancouver and Victoria... had a really lovely time, and Sam got to meet some of my family since they only live just over the border!

Then we flew south to Australia... we spent the first two weeks with Sam's parent's in Noosa, Queensland, and then Sam got a job at Red Cross in Darwin, Northern Territory so we moved up here! We've been in Darwin for about 10 weeks and have been living in an apartment until just this week we signed a lease on a house!!! We're so excited to be out of a noisy complex in the city and are starting the moving process into our quiant (and kinda grimy!) old house. We are stoked that the property has a permaculture garden that is already operating, and look forward to fresh veggies (we're vegetarians) and beautiful flowers in our backyard! Photos and more blog posts to come soon!!

XO Lindsey

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Anonymous said...

Your testimony is so moving, but as I read your blog, it sounds like you are living with this man who doesn't seem to be your husband. Can you explain how this meets God's standards? Perhaps this is the "God-given identity" you are looking for. You do realize that this living situation can greatly impact your Christian walk and also grieve the Holy Spirit?