Friday, 1 February 2008

Thank you Jesus for Macs and ichat

Yesterday we were able to use ichat on my computer and Ashlie Blaske's (who is in Ghana right now at Beacon House - the orphanage where our kids are) and were abe to talk to Jacob, Rachel and Sarah. It was such an awesome blessing to be able to talk to them and give them a video-tour of the house. We got to show them the snow outside, and they were so excited to see it and to be coming home in a couple weeks! Mom and Dad leave Saturday afternoon... Yea! THANK YOU JESUS for amazing technology and computers and for the internet connection that you provided in Ghana!!!! PRAISE THE JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all so excited for them to come home, and are praying that Mom and Dad have a safe trip and that us kids at home will have everything under control here (Carissa, Jeremiah, and I are in charge - look out little ones! :)

Thanks for all your prayers and support!!! Also, praise report today, someone anonymously gave my parents $500 for their trip!!! Praise the LORD!

In His Hands, Lindsey <><

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Vicky said...

It is so cool that you got to see and talk to Jacob, Rachel, and Sarah. AND, that God had provided snow for them to see too.
I am now praying that it snows the day after they get home (that way there is no airport or road trouble and they get to the house safely). Wouldn't it be amazing for them to go to bed on their first night to green grass, a red van, and blacktop roads and wake up to a world of white?!

Ann Dunagan said...

Hey Lindsey!

I got your email note today, and decided to come check out your blog and "see" more of what you've been up to. You're in my thoughts, and I will be praying for you in a few minutes.

You're beautiful!

Be strong. Cling to the cross.
Live for the smile of your Maker.
He loves you SOOOO much!

and I do too!