Saturday, 23 February 2008

Seeing Clearly

The other day, I was taking out my contact lenses and when I put them in their container, I noticed that as I pulled them from my eyes I had collected small particles of mascara. When I put them in the container and began to pour the cleanser in on top of them, filling their bowl shape, I realized that this is a little bit like my life. Now, you may be asking, "How do get life implications from contact lenses?" Well, here's the way I "see" it, or how God spoke to me through it.
The contact represents my life, and each day I get worn and sometimes worn out. The events, circumstances, trials, and joys of each day wear on me, in good and bad ways. But, more often than not, I feel like I need to be cleansed. The cleaning solution represents the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. When we are soaked in His presence the "little" particles of life that wear us down are washed away, and we can be used again for our purpose. Sometimes, we need to soak a little longer in the Word, or spend more time with the Holy Spirit, so that the grime will be fully stripped away, and so that through this purification our true and greatest potential will be brought forth.

This is just one of the small ways that God has spoken to me, and a glimpse into what He teaches me. I hope that you, too, might have a 'clearer vision' of how God sees you, and what spectacular plans He has for each one of your lives!

Blessings as you come into more 'contact' with Him,

Lindsey <><


faithfulfollower said...

Awesome post, and so true. I just love it when God uses every day items to speak to us. God bless you, and may He bless you with the peace that goes beyond all understanding!

David said...

What a great way to look at things. It's almost like Crowder talks about praising God in everything and you found a way.

Carissa Diacogiannis said...

that is totally cool! what a great word! love you lots Linds!


David said...

you might not think so, but I was looking at your video bar, and you look like Brooke Fraiser.

Eric said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I noticed on your profile that you have a family of 15. Is that a joke? 12 siblings? I have six siblings and shared a bedroom with three brothers at one point and always thought that I had a huge family. But wow... I can't imagine 12!!! How old is the youngest? Just think... if you and each of your siblings have 13 kids apiece, your poor parents will have 169 grandkids! LOL

How does homeschooling work for you guys? Does your dad help out with teaching, are you guys involved in any homeschool groups, or is everyone self taught?

With our family, mom taught us to read and write and then we basically took over from there. I was self-taught from 4th grade on (with a little bit of Bob Jones here and there). But 13 children to teach... that's mind blowing! I hope you guys treat your mom well. I remember how hard it was/is on mine with just seven kids...

Alright, well thanks again for stopping by. Nice blog. Keep serving the Lord!

David said...

i want to do something called Show Production and Touring. You go on tour with bands, doing lights and sound for them. You get to set up with the bands and all.