Thursday, 25 September 2008

Willkommen zu Herrnhut (welcome to Herrnhut)

I have finally arrived in Herrnhut, Germany for YWAM! After a long day and a half of traveling I finally made it! It was a long, tiring journey, but I am so glad to be here again and am ready to see what God has in store for me.
Already today, I have felt a great sense of assurance in being here at this time -before the lecture phase starts. This morning the school leader, Lucy, was talking to all of us girls (the photo DTS students have been here for about a month now) after a time of worship and I was so blessed with what she shared.

"I see that all of you ladies are on a narrow path, and there are things outside the path that are calling to you. Even some of the guys are the "voices" calling to you - 'oh, he's cute', 'maybe God brought me here to meet the one', etc. But God did not call you here to play with your heart, He doesn't do that. God called you here at this time for a reason. You are different. There is a spirit about you all that is different, but you have to keep your focus on God. He has called you here to know Him. When you know God, you will trust Him, and when you trust Him, you will love Him. God has called you here to know Him. God is totally for relationships, but relationships aren't #1, God is! And He wants to reveal Himself to us! We have to have the right focus - to know God. Are you willing to give up everything to have God? The table is there for us. And we have to accept the things that God has prepared for us. God wants to give you a new heart. He doesn't fix your heart, He gives you a new one. The Holy Spirit is there for you. He won't let you down. Get to know God."

It was really good to hear that the leader has a heart for us to know God and not be distracted by other things! While I am here before lecture phase starts, I will be helping in the kitchen with prep and clean up for coffee break. I am excited to help serve others and be able to use my kitchen experience.

blessings from Germany!

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Mama :)