Wednesday, 5 November 2008

"What Keeps Me from You"

"What Keeps Me from You"
a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannnis
24, October 2008

Is it pain from my past,
Or the hurt in my present,
Is it the fear of the future,
what keeps me from you.

Would I know if you touched me,
Or has my heart become hard,
Would I accept if you helped me,
Or is my independence robbing me of you,

Are you trying to reach me,
Have my ears turned away,
Can I feel that you long to love me,
Or has my heart been stolen away,

What keeps me from letting go,
What prevents me from feeling your touch,
Am I living in bondage,
Am I holding a grudge,

Jesus I want more of you,
Heal my broken heart,
Take away my pride,
Wipe away my shame,

Cleanse me from my sin,
Let me enter in,
I desire your presence,
Please give me rest,

I'm crawling back to you,
Leaving the pain of my past,
I'm returning to your fold,
Letting go of fear of the future,

Come pick me up,
Carry me away,
Breathe your life,
Let me stay

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