Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Falling in Love

Wow, I am beginning to really understand what it means to grow to love someone. I have been getting to know the most wonderful man! He is incredible; I love him so much. Jesus is the most wonderful person I could ever know, and I am thrilled to be spending eternity with Him. Oh wow, I just can't fully describe how brilliant he is. Each day I experience him in a fresh way. He is such an incredible friend; he never changes, is never fickle, and his love is steadfast. It is such a joy to know him, even in the minute way that I do. His greatness is far beyond human intellect, his grace knows no bounds, and his beauty is astounding. I feel like a little girl who is giddy when she's around the boy she has a "crush" on. I can't help but smile when I feel his presence around me. The intimacy we share is unbreakable, and better than any human experience I have had or will or could have.

Thanks for your love, mercy, beauty, passion.... You are the One! You are SO Wonderful, SO Incredible, SO Beautiful, SO Passionate, and SO Gracious!

I am forever captivated by You! Ich liebe dich, Jesus!

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