Friday, 23 October 2009

another poem

Better Days
a poem by Lindsey Diacogiannis

Push your worry and fears aside,
Hold your head up high,
Keep your chin up,
Don’t ever let your dreams die

Look to brighter days,
Past the dreary gray,
The future is closer than you think,
The past is far away

When the doubts start to arise,
Just remember those are lies,
God’s got better things for you,
Than anything the devil tries

If your dreams are getting dull,
Dig yourself out of this hole,
Leave your dread and pain behind,
Let God heal and make you whole

Seek the truth despite the shame,
Remember God can mend the lame,
He’ll set you free from any sin,
And loose you from the chains

There is peace in place of disaster,
When your world begins to shatter,
Trust the Lord in troubled times,
There is beauty, there is laughter

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