Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Tightrope and A Plumb-line

Life has an interesting way of ups and downs. At times things change drastically in a matter of moments. I've noticed over the last month or so, that there are certain things that catch my attention more than others, that draw my focus away from the Cross. It's in these moments of realization that I question my identity, my strength, and my character - often wrongfully so. I don't need to question my identity, perhaps strength, but what I do does not necessarily change who I am. I am a redeemed daughter of the Most High God, and although my attention is not solely focused on His glory at times, my identity doesn't change. Yes, I have moments of vulnerability and weakness, when I choose to succumb to the desires of myself, and take my gaze off the "the Prize".

Okay... so where I am going with this? Well, there is a tension I often feel in striving to be "in the world, but not of the world". It's like a tightrope, a divine tension that allows me examine areas of weakness and observe areas of strength. It brings stability, but not without risk. I find I have to take careful steps forward in order to regain strength and stability, but there is so much trust, faith, and risk involved - just as in the tightrope walk. In addition, there needs to be so much balance. I can't get so concerned with what the world thinks of me that I lose track of what God wants to do in my life, and how He wants to use me. But I also can't get too focused, and close-minded as to neglect the needs of those around. There must be balance.
I'm also learning that in order to walk in alignment with Christ, I need to have His divine plumb-line in place in life. The standards I want to live out, must match up to Biblical standards. In order to bring about the things of Christ in my life, standards need to be established and put into effect.

It's a journey, and I have so much to still learn and develop, but I find joy in knowing that there is One who sees the "big picture", and knows when and how to reveal things of the future to me. I am also learning to be in the "here & now", and not get too caught up with where I am going in life. I'm learning to rest in the journey and look with excitement to where God is taking me.


Kymberly Janelle said...

beautifully written! Cannot wait to hear your poetry

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We've seen much growth in you this year! Keep seeking HIM and HE will lead you and guide you on this journey called life.

Good to be with you this weekend.

mama :)