Sunday, 28 March 2010

Update on life...

So, it's been over two months since I've written, and for that I am sorry. What's up with me? Well, let's see...

- I didn't receive the scholarship to hairdressing school that I had applied for, and made the decision not to go because I didn't want to take out so much debt in loans.

- I was rehired at the Christian bookstore, and am working part-time there.

- I am still a live-in nanny, but have also acquired one day a week of nannying for another neighboring family.

- I FINALLY passed the drive test, and am now a licensed driver!! WOOHOO!!!

- I am pursuing music more and more, and have a few friends that are helping me grow in my ability to play guitar, and write music. I still sing in the choir at church. I am also pursuing more ministry in intercession and the prophetic, as I feel God moving and growing me more in these gifts.

- I am still a volunteer middle school youth leader, and love my group of 8th grade girls! They are challenging at times, but it's so great to see how they have been growing in their relationship with God. I am no longer singing on the worship teams at youth group, but focusing more on how I can be the best leader I can be, and investing in the lives of students.

- I am considering returning to school. It's been two years since I graduated from community college, and it kinda freaks me out to want to jump back in the circle. But I'm considering it. Not sure what I want to get a BA in, but tossing around the idea of communication or something.

-I am excited to see where this next season of life takes me, and the amazing things that God is going to do in and through me. It's been almost a year since I returned from YWAM, and what a journey it has been. This last year has been a season of refinement and purification - very challenging at times, but so good for me. I look forward to sharing more about what I am doing in the near future, and hopefully I won't neglect blogging for so long. :)


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