Monday, 25 April 2011

Life in Denver

The past few weeks have been so amazing here in Arvada. God is rocking my world, and I'm learning a lot. This is a brief it is late and I need sleep.

The first week of teaching was on the Biblical Foundation of Worship, and was taught by an incredible woman of God named Mary Jean. She really pounded in the truth, and trained us in being students of the Word in order to being able to present a pure and acceptable offering of worship to God. One thing she said that really stuck with me was that I need to go beyond just being challenged, but I need to allow myself to be changed.

Last week was an incredible blessing!! Caleb and Erin Paxton ( taught on the topic of songwriting. They encouraged us to look beyond the form of the music, and recognize the spirit behind it. I was also given very practical assignments that helped me write creatively, and that I will be able to use in the future as well. I can't express how much these two (and their lovely daughter, Blessed Aisling) have impacted me. They are incredibly beautiful people!!

I have been making a lot of friends, and so enjoy community life here. One thing that is very different from my DTS (besides that my current school is 1/8th of the size), is that there are several schools going on at the same time, but our meals, work duties, worship time, intercession groups, etc are all together as a community. There are two DTSes going on, a School of Ministry Development (also known as Phase II), and my school - the SOW. One of the DTSes is a multi-culture DTS, and a majority of the students are from South Korea. All around the base there are little posters to help us learn Korean. :) It's been fun to get to know other students, as well as try to learn a few phrases.

Also... each week (or maybe it's every-other week) the YWAM base posts a "videocast" on their youtube page with updates along the way of what we are doing. I was on last weeks video cast, so check it out. :)


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Glad things are going well for you.

Miss you!

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