Saturday, 14 May 2011


Here at YWAM Denver, there is a multicultural DTS (Discipleship Training School) that has a focus on South Korean students. South Korea is the 2nd sending nation for Christian missionaries, and the YWAM bases there have waiting lists for their DTSes. YWAM Denver has made a point to partner with South Korea to train young Christian leaders, by providing a DTS that has Korean translation.
Over the last 6 weeks I have made many Korean friends, and one of my closest is Yi Rang, who is on staff for the MCDTS.

In a couple of our times of intercession (praying on behalf of others), we prayed for the nation of North Korea. It is such an isolated country, and I really knew very little about it before this week. Even Christians in South Korea have an apathetic, and sometimes resentful heart towards North Koreans. But, the Korean students and leaders here have helped us get a glimpse of their culture, and all of our hearts have been softened to the devastation of North Korea's current condition. We are believing for a miraculous revival to come, and I have faith that as we've been fervent to pray this week, God is hearing our cries and pouring out His Spirit on that nation.

Please watch this video and allow God to give you a heart to see change in North Korea also. Please pray for revival and that spiritual strongholds will be broken and demolished by the power and love of Jesus.

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