Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Welcome to my blog!

So, as my parents and siblings have gotten blogs, I think I should join the movement. And, I want to express my heart, as I feel led. So, here is my first blog entry and I guess the first thing I will share is my worldview. I had to do this for an assignment at Dream Realization School (a school I am attending at my church).

"My worldview is that which positions me to see the world as I do; to process information the way I do, and to interpret life as I do. I have been challenged in my beliefs and questioned on my motives, but what causes me to make the decisions I do comes from aligning my life with the Word of God. At times, I have been blinded by the enemy and have made decisions based on the desires of the flesh. But, though this battle wages, I strive toward viewing everything through the eyes of my heavenly Father, who made everything. This alignment causes me to hate the innocent murder of children through abortion, to mourn at the sight of people dying from preventable causes, to cringe at the immorality of teenagers, and to be absolutely blown away by the miracles that God continues to perform day after day."

Well, I hope to express my heart and thoughts as the Lord leads me to. May this be the journey of a devoted walk with Jesus in which He carries me!

Lindsey <><

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