Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Believing in Healing

So many times in my life I have seen the hand of God work in incredible ways to heal the people I love. Though I don't remember it, when my older sister was little God healed her from a blood disease; numerous times I have witnessed God's healing power in the body of my mom - from thyroid cancer, a tumor in her throat, the fact that she had a 2% chance of every having children, and now having 13 children!!! Again and again I have seen miraculous healings!

When my little brother was 3 years old, he become ill with Bacterial Meningitis and spent three and a half weeks in the hospital two hours away from home. As Elijah was on the verge of death, we sent for our oldest brother in Iraq. Finally, after complete kidney failure, being on 8 heart and other organ medications and being in a drug induced coma, Elijah was released from God's hands in Heaven and came back to his family! Despite the incredible odds of possible brain damage, amputations, and skin graphs, he is completely healed and has not undergone any of these effects.

For the last ten years I have dealt with pain and mocking of a deformed ribcage. When I was about 8 years old, I went to my mom concerned about a heat rash on my chest, what she was concerned about was the odd bone sticking out of my chest. I had not noticed it up until this point. Upon going to the doctor, we found out that I had what doctors call a "pigeon chest", a protruding bone deformity that effects the sternum. I have gone to specialist and doctors, had x-rays, a CT scan, and numerous check-ups, but with no solution on how to fix this deformity that causes anything from minor to excruciating pain. I have dealt with this sporadic pain time and time again, waiting and wanting God to heal me!
Finally last Christmas while visiting my sister in another state, the Pastor was closing the service with prayer and asked if anyone wanted prayer for healing, and if so to raise their hand. I raised my hand, sensing God's permission to do so. Like I have never felt before I sensed a hand on my ribcage and heard God whisper to me "In due time you will be healed". I couldn't believe it that was the second time God had spoken to me that weekend! Wow... I wanted to know when and how He was going to heal me, but I rested in His words of peace and assurance.

I didn't know it, but over time my beliefs changed slightly in regards to God's healing. I continued to believe that He could heal me, but had lost my belief that He wanted to heal me. I had experienced a great amount of pain while in the Czech Republic, and recognized it as spiritual attack through physical means. About two weeks ago, a group of friends and I were worshiping together when I began to feel strong chest pains. I sat on the floor, hand to my chest, trying to bear the pain. It got worse and tears began to stream down my cheeks. My friends, Selina and Simon, came around me, laid hands on me, and prayed for God's healing power to consume me and take away this pain.
As we were leaving, I realized that my shift in beliefs. I hadn't lost faith that God could heal me, I just wasn't sure anymore that He would.
A few days after that, a little over a week ago, we were having an all-nighter of fellowship, prayer, and worship. My friend Ashlie brought up that we should pray over everyone that needed healing. I had just told everyone about what God had been teaching me about expecting Him to work, not just believing that He is able to. So, we got together everyone who needed healing, which ended up to be about 8 people, and gathered around them to pray. We prayed for Ashlie's diabetes, Sarah's arthritis, Sally's neck/back problems, Matt's potentially life-threatening disease, my bone deformity, and others.

Afterward, I finally rested in peace that not only could God heal me, but that He wanted to and would! For the past 9 days, I have experienced pain free living. Though my bones have not been reformed to their natural design, I have not experienced chest pain and am resting in God's promise of healing! It may not be here on this earth, but He has promised me a new body in Heaven!

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