Wednesday, 8 April 2009

mein Gott ist so gut (my God is so good)

Wow! The last week has been so incredible! God has really shown His hand of provision in my life! I went to London for the Pick A Pocket art retreat last Wednesday with 5 Euro in my wallet, believing that God would provide the money for me to stay and eat and travel in England. 
After we arrived in Stanstad, we had to take a bus to Gatwick where we were picked up by some of the YWAM staff that were taking back to Holmstead Manor (the YWAM base near Brighton, England). My dear friend, Melody, helped me pay for the bus ride and also the next for our ticket into London. Thank you, Jesus. Thanks Melody! I fasted several meals, not just to cut costs on food, but also out of a heart to hear from God about this ministry (Pick A Pocket), and whether or not He was calling me to join it. 
At the end of the week I was able to check my bank account and withdrawal 10 Pounds, but the cost for the week (for rent and food) was 48 Pounds, and I still needed money to get to the airport, and for the train ride back to Herrnhut. We gathered as a team (there were 36 of us, some joined P.A.P., some didn't) and prayed for release of the funds for me and the others who also didn't have the money (about 8 of us). By the end of the day all of our bills were paid! I don't know how it all came together (obviously God knows our needs!), but all of the money was paid for us to stay at Holmstead Manor. It was such a miracle. I even ended up with 10 extra Pounds! 
We ended up leaving in groups, and I came back with 4 others. Between the 5 of us we had about 45 Euro. We got to the airport and found out that the bus we needed to take to get to the train station didn't sell the ticket for 5 people, so we had to pay more, and buy individual tickets. When we arrived at the train station (Altenburg) we looked into buying the 5 person ticket, but the regional one that we wanted wasn't sold from the machine, and the only other ticket we could get was 137 Euro, which we didn't have. So, we got on the train and were planning on buying the right ticket on the train, but we really didn't have the money for the whole trip. And, we didn't find a machine on the train to buy a ticket from, so we prayed that either we would be able to buy one from the ticket collector, or we would be able to be "invisible" and not have to pay for that leg of the trip (about an hour and a half). It worked out. The ticket collector never came, and we were able to pay for a ticket at the next station for the next leg of the trip. Unfortunately, that ticket, though good for 5 people and only costed 28 Euro, expired at 3am, and we purchased it at 11pm. So, we got on the train in Leipzig, and made it all the way to Dresden (about 2 and half hours). We got to Dresden and had to wait from about 1:30am - 4am until we could catch the next train. By that time our ticket would expire. So, we sat in a circle and began praying again. Jardena (one of the girls with me) said she had some money in her bank account that was set aside for something else, but could be used instead for our next train ticket, so we prayed about that as well. 
After several minutes of prayer, we decided to share if we had any impressions. Taylor (the guy with us) said he had the picture of a trash can and a McDonalds cup with money in it... I felt like we would be blessed beyond what we would need, that we would not only have enough money for the train, but also for food. After hours of waiting around, looking thru trash bins, praying again, checking my bank account, etc.... we finally found a way to buy a cheap ticket, and Jardena withdrew some money to help cover the costs. 
We payed for a bus and the next train and another bus, and finally made it back to Herrnhut by 6:20am! What a day!!! 
And after a few hours of sleep, I checked my emails and my mom had emailed me telling me a check had come for me! She deposited $130 into my account! Wow! I am able to pay some bills here at the YWAM base, buy food for a few days, etc. God is SO SO SO faithful in providing in fantastic ways for our needs! If I ever doubted that He knows my needs, here is evidence that He surely does, and knows in which ways to provide for them too!!! 

Oh, how good and awesome our God really is! Glory! 

Hope you are experiencing Christ's incredible attributes too! 
Much love to all who read this, and I am looking forward to being in WA next week!!! 

Lindsey <><

p.s. sorry if this is written in a crazy way, i stopped and came back to it many times... hope it makes sense! :)

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