Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Fall

Ok, so many of you know that I'm a pretty adventurous girl, and I like to have fun! Well, sometimes those things combined get me hurt - remember Ultimate Frisbee + torn ACL three years ago....

Well, Friday night I thought it would be fun to take some of my friends here to a giant A-frame swing in the woods here. So, we went for a walk and found the swing. We were swinging pretty high, and trying to be careful not to hurt ourselves. I even was pretty scared that the guy with us, Brady, would be the one to get hurt. We were also discussing how this swing would not be legal in the USA because people would get hurt and then would file a lawsuit. So, yes, we were aware of the potential danger of swinging on this swing. We were trying some things to try to make it more fun, like lifting our feet off it and swinging from the bars (you stand on this swing). So, I don't actually remember what happened... but apparently I grabbed onto the top bar and lifted my feet, but then my hands slipped and I hit the swing, then the swing hit me, and then I hit the ground. Like I said, I don't remember even reaching up to grab the top bar. I just remember becoming conscious on the ground and feeling my whole body tingling. It felt more like electrical current was surging through my body. Christen was next to me telling me it was okay, while Brady was holding the swing back, because apparently I landed underneath it. (I'm still not really sure how this all happened).
Anyway, I was able to get up and walk back to the castle (about a 10 minute walk). My depth-perception was off for a little bit, but it cleared up in a short time. I took all yesterday to rest and try to recoup. My friend, leader, and 1-on-1, Stephanie, stayed with me all night and woke me up every two hours to make sure I didn't stay sleeping for too long.
Today I am much better. My back has gained a lot more mobility and strength, but will still probably be sore for a few days. My head is fine though, besides the cut I got.
So, thanks to those who have prayed for me. Continue to pray for complete healing in my back, as I may have broken a rib. But no worries... it's okay.

Here are some pictures.... the swing picture is actually from my time here in April. But, we were going about that high when I fell.
the cut on my head (two days later)

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Carissa said...

you need to be careful, don´t try to call too much attention to yourself! you silly girl!

love you!