Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Message from YWAM Herrnhut's Base Director

This is a note that YWAM Herrnhut's base director, Jan Schlegel, wrote. I thought it might interesting to see how his perspectives on things also.

"Warm greetings from YWAM Herrnhut!

Two weeks ago, the adventure of our Discipleship Training School started in Herrnhut its that time again! The weeks before it started were filled with trembling, excitement and challenges. Applications for the school came in often, and while that made us excited, it also challenged us. The school we have running now is currently with 87 students YWAMs biggest DTS taking place in Europe, and its so exciting to be a part of watching young people search for a deeper and more real relationship to Jesus as well as ask for their calling.

With all these students, we first had to answer the question of accommodation for everyone as well as have space enough for the teachings! From our past experience, we knew we would have challenges, only this time, the situation was even more extreme. We knew we could not fit this many people into our just renovated, but much too small, lecture hall/dining room. Therefore, we now have a heated tent with solid walls standing in our castle garden.

One week before the beginning of out DTS, we still didnt have accommodation for about 20 of our students. We were feverishly seeking for apartments were daily praying that God might open doors for us. Then we finally found a house at the other end of the village that had been vacant for some time, and one week after the school started, 25 students and staff could move in. We gave every application serious consideration, and by the time the school started, every space in the Water Castle and in our rented apartments was filled. Even the lecture/dining room temporarily served as accommodation! Its tight right now, but somehow, it works well. Of course there arent just logistic challenges: long lines during the breaks and in front of the toilets, too few showers and thats not even mentioning our kitchen, which is used the most in this kind of situation. Its been an exciting start of the school and we seem to be doing well with it!

During the first week, students and staff got to know one another. Its important for the students to gain a good understanding of where we are, who and what Youth With A Mission is, how we work, what our values, vision and culture are and what our goals are.

Right after our introduction, the teaching started. The topic was how God speaks to us and how we can hear His voice. The teaching led into a time of prayer where staff and students prayed for healing for one another. Some came with physical ailments; others wanted prayer for healing in their hearts and minds. The other staff and students gathered around the group of about 20 people and the first ones started to pray. Gods presence was strongly felt. One student had a fractured ankle and came to the prayer time with crutches. After the time was over, they left the time without them!

Others were healed from depression, problems with their back and other various diseases. God revealed His power, and the acting of the Spirit was obvious. Nothing of what happened was planed or expected by us - it just happened on the second day of our school! God is acting in this school, and He does it through His presence and power more than we were able to imagine. Of course, many questions had to be answered by our staff after this remarkable time of prayer, since out students are coming from many different church backgrounds and cultures.

Please pray for this school season. We are very dependent on Him and His acting and intervention. Many of the students gave up everything to come to us and participate in the DTS. They want opportunities and long to find out what are the good things God has prepared for them. They want to know their calling and walk in it, and they are ready to leave everything behind that is separating them from Jesus and His plans."

Many blessings....

Lindsey <><

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