Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ordinary Things

The last week and a half of lecture phase I have been learning how to hear God's voice, and that sometimes he chooses to speak through ordinary things and in many ways. Today while doing my work duty (which is to sweep and mop the cellar stairs, and clean the lecture hall) God spoke to me through dirty mop water. I was part way through mopping the stairs when I noticed the water was getting really gross, so I decided to add a little more cleaning solution to it. As I did, God revealed to me through this dirty mop water something about our spiritual lives. When we noticed that our lives are getting kinda mucked up and dirty, we start to pour good things into our life. We may read the Bible more, pray more, sing in worship more, or memorize scripture, but until we allow God to take the bucket (our lives, us) and dump out the dirty water (sin, temptation, distractions, etc.) we will only be adding to our lives and not fully be cleansed. One thing I have been learning is that there is a difference between being changed, and being transformed. Adding the cleaning solution to the water changed it, but the water was still nasty. Adding more of God to our lives changes us, but until we allow Him to "take out the trash", we are still filthy. When we allow God's redeeming love to touch us, and accept the forgiveness and grace that God is giving, then we will be transformed! God doesn't just want us to change and be different, He wants to make us new!

Also, an update on my back: I went to the hospital yesterday and got x-rayed. I found out that nothing was broken, I just have deep bruising in my ribs! So praise the LORD for His protection! I seriously could have been in critical condition! Thanks to all of you who have been lifting me up in prayer!

Learning and growing,

Linds <><

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