Friday, 12 December 2008

I Need You...

So... I am learning that we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, need each other, and need to have the humility to admit our need for each other. And, I need all of you, my wonderful friends, family members, and supporters!

Here are some things that I need prayer for:
*Finances for outreach - I have the individual responsibility of bringing in 2000 Euro, which I have most of, but also as a team member need to be aware of the needs of my "sisters". Please also pray for the financial needs it will take to create the book we are making on outreach. We want this to be a high-quality book, but need the support and finances to bring it about as God has laid it on our hearts.
*I need a backpack for outreach. The bags that I have are either too small or too large...So please pray that I either 1) find an inexpensive one to buy or 2) am blessed with the generosity of others in giving one to me.
*Team Unity - this weekend we are having an all-day team building event, that will hopefully bring our team closer together. Pray that issues will be worked through with grace and love, and that through this experience we actually do draw closer in unity. Also pray for unity among my leaders, they are 4 gals from 3 nations with 2 languages.
*Unity in the book project. There are two teams that will be putting together this book (to bring awareness of extreme poverty to the world through photography and interactive storytelling) in two countries. Please pray that God will intervene in this project and in all of the finances and logistics of actually printing and publishing this book. Pray also for the unity between our teams, as we are not going to be together until after we return from outreach, when the book should be about 90% finished.

Thanks for being the wonderful people that God created each of you to be, and for supporting me in this! It truly is a blessing to be able to travel the world, learn more about myself and God, and share His love with the people around me! I need you... thanks for being there for me!

Lindsey <><

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