Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Outreach Prep....

Wow! Lecture phase of DTS is over and we are preparing for outreach! It's been an incredible journey of over and over again experiencing God's faithfulness and presence! I have learned a LOT, and am so grateful for the many things that God has revealed to me, freed me from, and restored in me. He is incredibly good, and SO SO SO faithful!!!

Outreach! I will be leaving next Monday, January 5th for India for 3 months! I am very excited and have attached a newsletter of more information about what we are doing and how you can support me. I am in a team of 10 girls, and have 3 leaders (as I may have mentioned previously), and believe God has a special anointing on our team to shake India with the Holy Spirit! I am very excited, but also a little nervous. But, today I started fasting and praying (which I will continue throughout the week) and am very encouraged by what God spoke to me and revealed to me in my times of prayer.
In India we will be doing much traveling, starting in the west near Bombay for about 3 weeks, then going east. From there (I'm not sure what the city is called), we will move north to Calcutta. After a couple weeks there, we will split into two groups and some will go to Nepal, and the others will go to Bangladesh. I believe that I should go with the Bangladesh group.

Please pray for me!
- For team unity
- For spiritual protection
- For boldness and faith
- For financial provision
- For signs, wonders, and miracles (we believe it's going to happen!)

THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT, LOVE, and PRAYERS FOR ME!!!! You are apart of changing the world for Christ!

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