Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Main Outreach Team

My Main Outreach Team

back row: Regina, Bryn, Stephanie (leader), Me, Kelsey, Rebecca (leader), Theresa, Karin
front: Sonja, Racheal, Joanna (leader) , Ina, Ruth (leader), Nicole

We leave at the beginning of January for the 10/40 window for three months! I'm so exctied!


Vicky said...

SNOW! How fun!

Praying for you and your team :)

Carissa said...

way cool! i'm excited for you, and you just might have to bring me some amazing Indian clothes!
love you!

Laurel said...

Good to see a pic of your team!

And snow ... what fun! The BOYS are praying for snow in the mountains. It is LATE this year.

love you,

mama :)