Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Last Week of Lecture Phase

Wow... time has gone by so fast! SO much has happened in the last 11 weeks! It's been an incredible journey! God's faithfulness has been evident along the entire way! He has shown me not only that He is with me in everything, but He has become my everything. I have learned: to continually surrender myself to His will, to challenge my beliefs and thought patterns, that God can speak through anyone, and can use even the craziest of people to bring about His truth, and that 80% of the time the right answer is either "Jesus" or "relationships". haha... that's an inside joke, I guess you'd have to be here! :)

I leave for outreach in about 3 weeks and am looking forward to spending 3 months in India. I know this is what God has called me to at this time, and though I have doubts sometimes, I know that God is going to meet me there, and reveal great things to me. I received a word today in prayer declaring that God has something really big waiting for me in India/on outreach... so I am looking forward to seizing every opportunity to accomplish His will! I have been so inspired the last couple weeks to seek God's radical miracles in my life too. I want to share stories like the ones that our speakers have been sharing; I want to declare God greatness through stories of His provision, protection, faithfulness, timing, etc. I am SO excited for how God is going to use me and my team to shake India! His word says that we will do even greater things than Jesus did, and I so look forward to giving testimony of God's power and greatness in bringing to pass this promise.

Thanks for your prayers and continued support! It has definitely made a difference! Please continue to lift me up in prayer. Especially in relation to outreach, and my team. Please pray for a continued surrendering of wills, and that we would really pursue love and learn how to see each other as God see us. And also that we would see ourselves as God sees us, so that we can act in humble confidence and grow in deeper relation with one another! Also pray against sickness and spiritual oppression, as there are heavy spirits over India.
"...The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective..."

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Lindsey <><

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